Compare And Contrast Mariam In A Thousand Splendid Sun

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“A Thousand Splendid Suns”, a novel written by Khaled Hosseini, who introduces two female protagonists. Mariam who is introduced first as an illegitimate child born out of wedlock to a wealthy and married man; Jalil, and his old maid; Nana. Mariam has been emotionally abused by her mother and she only sees her father once a week. Her mother later commits suicide after Mariam runs away. Jalil had no choice, but to let Mariam live with him and his family. Jalil’s wives were resentful towards Mariam. Later she was introduced to Rasheed, a man triple her age, during their time of committing the abuse starts. Mariam became submissive, there was no one to save her even her own father, so she accepted her fate of being a wife and a possession. Laila is the second protagonist who is introduced halfway through the story. Her family died off and later finds out her childhood lover; Tariq is gone too. Rasheed later takes her under his wing. Mariam didn 't receive the same love that Laila did from Rasheed, which stirred up jealousy. Unlike Mariam, Laila was able to bare a child, in which Rasheed was exhilarated. Laila starts getting the same treatment as Mariam when Rasheed finds out the child 's a girl. The birth of the child brought Mariam and Laila closer and that 's when a breaking point stirred when Rasheed comes to abuse Laila and that was Mariam’s last straw. Mariam kills Rasheed. Mariam later dies and Laila is reunited with her childhood lover, who thought was dead
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