Compare And Contrast Martin Luther King And Lincoln

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Coming from a hall of fame wrestler to one of the most influential presidents in history(Abraham Lincoln - U.S. Presidents - H...). African American growing up during segregation and becoming the man that stopped segregation. Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln are two of the most important people of the millenium. They both came from poverty to some of the most important people in history(Abraham Lincoln - U.S. Presidents - H...; Ball 2006). Abraham Lincoln grew up in a log cabin In a small County, Kentucky. He went to a simple school called a blab school( a school that just taught basics like math reading and speaking.) He never went to college or graduated high school. He had many jobs such as a boatman, store clerk, surveyor, soldier in the militias, a lawyer and illinois state legislature, and then his most important elected the 16 president in 1860 #2. He…show more content…
King and Lincoln also have many differences. Such as Lincoln religion is a mystery Whereas King was a devout christian(Lincoln's Religion ).Also Lincoln had many jobs whereas King only had two jobs(abe lincoln History). Also Lincoln took the fight against slavery in a violent way as King took the fight for equality in a peaceful way(martin luther king junior ). Another way they are different is that King had a full family that took care of him lincoln didn't have a father. Also Lincoln grew up in County, Kentucky, while King grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. Also King felt the abuse of African Americans first hand. Being black at that time King had been hurt abused, been called awful names and even his house being physically attacked. Whereas Lincoln was a white male who had been in a powerful position and had not felt the first hand abuse of African americans. They were also amazing leaders but in different time periods. Lincoln lead in the mid to late 1800’s, while king lead during the mid 1900’s. King was assassinated by James Earl Ray#8. Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes
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