Compare And Contrast Wallace And Martin Luther King

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Civil Rights Compare and Contrast In the early 1960’s Martin Luther King Jr. and George Wallace both gave speeches on segregation both on different sides of the spectrum. Martin Luther King wanted segregation to end. And Wallace was running for presidency and used segregation as a platform to gain southern voters even though he didn’t really agree with segregation. They both had similarities and differences in Karios, Ethos, Logos and Pathos. They both chose places that they thought their speeches would have the most impact. Both of them gave their speeches in the year 1963 when segregation was at its peak. Both were filled with hundreds of thousands of people who supported their view points and believed in the same things they did. (…show more content…
( He took advantage of the timing of segregation and told the people what they wanted to hear in hopes of when it came time to vote for the presidency they would vote for him. Both martin Luther king jr. and George Wallace were credible in their own right. They were both highly respected men in their communities. Both had very large groups of people following them as part of their political party, people believed in them and believed what they said. King’s was creditable because he was a black man fighting for black and equal rights. He was also minister in the mid 1950’s before he became a social activist in the early 1960’s he was respected in the church community as well as in politics, he was a gifted child and was immitted in Morehouse College at the young age of 15 he studied medicine and law. ( His supporters knew he was a very smart
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