Compare And Contrast Maxon And America

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The garden plays an important part in this book because it’s how Maxon and America met. America was by the garden having a panic attack due to the cause of not being able sleeping in the castle. The thought of Aspen kept floating through her mind. Meanwhile, a guard tried telling her to go back to her room. Until, Prince Maxon saw the situation and announced the guard to release her. “My head stayed in it’s strange position as I heard the sound of keys clanking against one another and then one slide into the lock.The prince looked at me warily as I tried to stand. And the sweet smell of fresh air pulsed through me, giving me all the motivation I needed. I pulled myself out of the guard’s arms and ran like a drunk into the garden.”(Cass,2012,112-113) This scene was dramatic and went by really fast , but usually you’d think that America would thank the prince for opening the doors to the garden. Well , you thought wrong...
America and the prince talked but not in the way you’d expected. She was complaining and being a bit harsh to the prince. It started out as a brief conversation but , at the end she was blaming the prince saying that she didn’t want to be here and they both ended
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One of the themes that a reader can recognize in this book is “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” meaning don 't judge a person by the way they look or do something. This theme really fits into this story because America judged the prince in the beginning of the story. Judging him and saying he was stuck up, snotty and conceited. This was even before she met the guy. After actually talking with him she found out she had a lot in common with Maxon. They also found it absorbing how easy it was to share feelings and thoughts with each other about their likes and dislikes I think it’s safe to say that they are comfortable with each other now. Being actual best friends. America even admits to Maxon that she was wrong about him. “He is a sweet, trustworthy, attractive guy.” she
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