Compare And Contrast Maya And Inca Civilization

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Pre Columbian Civilization
Many civilizations flourished in the Americas before the arrival of Christopher Columbus. The Inca civilization was a political power and a center of learning. The Maya civilization had large city-states across southern Mexico and Central America. The Maya and Inca developed their own cultural and intellectual achievements which had powerful impacts within their civilizations and within the present modern world.
The Maya civilization includes advances in learning and the arts. One of the cultural achievements are the well known towering temples and palaces made of stone. These temples, rested on pyramid-shaped platforms, are precious to the Maya as priests would perform rites and sacrifices to their gods at the top. The stone temples are also used for burials of priests, nobles, and rulers. The stone palaces are used for meetings, governmental activities, or royal residences.
The Maya performed intellectual achievements by developing the 365-day solar calendar in order and a 260-day ritual calendar. The Maya priests also founded the numbering system that included the concept of zero and place values. Maya priests had to measure time accurately so that they could hold ceremonies at precise days. A lot of their math were used in construction architecture and
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The Maya built towering stone temples and palaces for their religious rituals and political activities. They developed the 365-day calendar and researched in math and measurements to calculate the specific days of their religious ceremonies and to calculate their construction work. The Inca created a large road network which had given the Inca soldiers, information, and merchants easier and quicker access to travel around the large empire. They advanced in medical practices in similar forms of modern day antiseptics and anesthesia which had helped their civilization achieve a better quality of
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