Compare And Contrast Mdisho And Dahl

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This essay is about two characters Mdisho and Major Griffiths. Major is a wilder and thinks out the box person. Mdisho is more of a crazier overly excited type of person. They both have a friendship built by this guy named Dahl, and he seems to have a good friendship with both of them. Dahl thinks of Mdisho as his little brother and, Major Griffiths like an older uncle, but I 'm here to talk about how they are different not how they are similar. The first character that I 'll be talking about is Mdisho. Mdisho is 19 years old. He has been born and brought up 700 miles inland from Dar Es Salaam, near a place called Kigoma. Both of his parents died before he was 12 years old, so he has been taken into households. He graduated into the household as a house-boy and charmed everybody from his good manners and gentle bearing. But once the DO had been transferred to Egypt, it left Mdisho without a home or a job. He did have was one very important document, which was a recommendation letter from his old employer. That 's how Mdisho got with Dahl. He couldn 't read or write so Dahl had to teach him. He 's a fast learner so it wasn 't that hard for him. Dahl is the only person that he really close to. One-night Mdisho had disappeared with Dahl 's sword and Dahl was really worried. ( Mdisho of the Mwanumwezi, paragraph 28)"I had never seen Mdisho like this before. The wild look on his face and the heavy breathing and the sweat
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