Compare And Contrast Mesopotamia And Egyptian Religion

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Ancient China, bound by the Himalayan Mountains, the Gobi Desert, the Pacific Ocean, and the steppes to the north, was geographically isolated from other agricultural regions on the continent. The Yellow River Valley is often referred to as the Cradle of Chinese Civilization, however Chinese culture also developed in the Yangtze River and Huia River Valleys. The only real agricultural area, the North China Plain, accounted for just 12% of the country. They domesticated animals, established farming; growing millet, wheat, other grains, as well as soybeans and cabbage. They also fashioned weapons. The king and their ancestors were considered the intermediaries between the people and their gods. This was a unified culture in which kinship linked…show more content…
Lands with no such natural protection, such as Mesopotamia, were conquered repeatedly by other cultures, absorbing to a degree the social, cultural, and political practices of their conquerors. Comparison of the Sumerian Penitential Prayer,” “...The offence, which I have committed, I know not. The transgression I have done, I know not ...”, to the Egyptian Negative Confession, “… I have wronged none, I have done no evil.” illustrates the vast difference in the religions of Mesopotamia and Egypt. One based on fear, the other on admiration. The Egyptians, far from fearing their gods, worshipped out of gratitude for their blessings. The peoples of Mesopotamia paid homage to their deities out of dread. Both cultures believed that duty to the state superseded desires or needs of the family or the individual. Everyone doing their part pleased the gods, even in Egypt, you were required to honor your responsibilities by taking care of your land, produce, and family. Greek religion was similar to that of Mesopotamia, as Greek gods seemed to have little concern for their people. The rugged terrain of the Greek mainland, combined with a lack of arable land, and unpredictable weather led to the same fear-based worship as seen in Mesopotamia. The Greeks

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