Compare And Contrast Mika's Socioeconomic Status And Her Family Life

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1. Discuss how Mika’s socioeconomic status and her family life growing may have affected the way she negotiated her environment when she came to the United States. From my point of view, Mika’s family dynamics highly influence the way she is approaching her environment in the US. First of all, having absent and apathetic parents growing up can definitely be affecting her ability to express her feelings. She was not taught to be sensitive, and did not have a nurturing shoulder to cry on. Although she had her grandmother, she always knew that her biological parents overlooked her. Moreover, it is possible that Mika’s conditioned response is that feelings of neglect and rejection cause withdrawal and helplessness in her. If this is the case, it is likely that feeling neglected/rejected by Americans, brings out again the…show more content…
According to what I read, it seems that Mika is far from being in denial, and this self-awareness to me is an important strength. She is aware of what her issues are (low self-esteem, culture mal-adjustment, family issues), and what are her limitations. Similarly, it seems that Mika is good at reflecting and gaining insight of situations with time. This is shown when she noticed that the anger she had towards her mother was harming her, and that she needed to forgive and forget. Also, when she realized that her language barriers were going to affect her abilities to counsel clients; thus, it was better to change career paths. Finally, that not interacting with Americans was limiting her opportunities to adjust in the American society and improve her English; therefore, she is assisting to counseling sessions. She also a brave and strong woman because she had the courage to confront her mother, after years of avoidance of the issue, understand her, and try to let go. This is a great attribute because it shows her ability to confront and overcome
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