Compare And Contrast Mike Tyson

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Lincoln, Roosevelt, Caesar, and Captain Ahab, all iconic figures throughout the ages that could best represent myself in certain aspects. However, none of them could compare to the similarities Michael Gerard Tyson and I share. While both former heavyweight fighters Tyson and I share similar life struggles when growing up, we both diverge in aspects regards to our future. Childhood for Mike Tyson was difficult even at birth. With his father leaving him prior to him being born and then his mother passing away when he was sixteen years old. As a result he was put into care with his boxing manage and trainer Cus D’Amato. Cus D’ Amato had been the leading guidance in Tyson’s life, similarly I had not felt comfort when reaching out to my parents as most teens growing up would and instead I sought out my mixed martial arts trainer Steve. D’Amato and Steve both brought wisdom to our lives, and helped guide us through our difficult times. Though Tyson and I Differ by him not having a family and I did, we both took it upon on ourselves to bond with our trainers more than a normal pupil would.…show more content…
As a result D’Amato thought it would be wise to have Mike learn to defend himself whenever he needed to. Likewise, during 4th-7th grade my elder bother Wade bullied me, and by doing so, during the time I had sought out Steve for help. So by the age of seven Steve had mentored me in the way of mixed martial arts so whenever I would need to defend myself or others I cared for, I would have the ability and power to do so. This was hard for a long time seeing the perpetrator for most of my bullying was my older brother. Eventually, I was able to confront him like any other bully and he resided his acts of aggression towards me. I was able to confront my elder brother like Mike Tyson had confronted his grade school
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