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The Dessert Desert As Milo and Tock continued on their journey, they came to a sign reading: The Dessert. Milo and Tock observed the Dessert from a distance before starting their approach. The Dessert seemed like it was made of dessert, the sand dunes alternated in sizes it was like they were made of nice, round, spherical ice cream scoops and the ground which would sand was flat and white, like sugar. There weren 't any plants or rock formations in sight, just a flat plain desert, then you see these monstrous sand dunes in one area, and nothing else for miles. Milo and Tock couldn’t fully see what was there except for the ice cream dunes. After a solid ten minutes of attempting to observe what was there they couldn’t fully understand what exactly was…show more content…
“But first, let me show you around” responded Ted.
Ted led Milo and Tock around the desert showing them various buildings and shops. The main factories there are for keeping the desert up and running and to keep what makes it The Dessert The Dessert. Ones factory is for making the ice cream dunes, and another for keeping the fudge oasis fresh and hot, and another for maintaining the Gingerbread housing. Each person running around the city had a specific task, all the jobs and tasks in the desert are usually for keeping the desert the way it is.
The sun was slowly setting over the top of the big volcano, which was a chocolate lava cake. Milo, Tock, and Ted all rushed up their to see the sun set, the big volcano was dormant and hasn’t spewed chocolate in decades according to Ted. After a while of trudging up the mushy volcano, they made it to the top. The sun was just about to set and it seemed like all the rush and hurry in the desert just kind of slowed down and the desert had this bright orange tint that was calm and relaxing. Milo felt that all his problems in the world just left and he felt at peace.
After a while, the sun was almost completely set and cotton candy clouds started to roll in from the

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