Compare And Contrast Misha And Milkweed

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Misha Milgrom, also known as Misha Pilsudski and Stop Thief, is a character from the book Milkweed. He is the protagonist in Milkweed. At first, Misha is an unnamed boy until he meets a band of thieves, where his thieve friend Uri gives him his name. Liesel Meminger, daughter to Rosa and Hans Hubermann, is the protagonist in The book Thief. Liesel, a book lover, is the book thief herself. Many differences and similarities can be found between these two characters. However, Misha and Liesel are more different than they are alike.

Although they are different, Misha and Liesel are alike in many ways as well. Both characters were sneaky, and stole or borrowed items during the day and night time. Liesel’s family struggled to obtain an abundant
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For example, liesel lived on Heaven street in Germany. On the other hand, Misha lived in Warsaw, Poland during the time period of the book. Misha didn’t have any sort of education. He didn’t know how to read or write. Unlike him, Liesel learned to read and write, went to a structured and strict school, and had an education. Although both Lisel and Misha steal, they steal for different reasons and things. Liesel borrows books to read for enjoyment, while Misha steals food to survive. Misha, since he claimed himself a Jew with the Milgrom family, owned no Human rights at that point in Hitler’s rule and World War two. On the contrary, Liesel owned all German rights as a citizen. She was also Hitler’s ideal human being- blond hair, blue eyes. In Misha’s childhood life, he only saw Jackboots, or Nazi soldiers, kill people. Specifically, kill rebellious Jews. Oddly, Misha still admired the Jackboots (even though he saw them torturing people, right in front of his eyes), while Liesel feared them. Contrarily, in Liesel’s childhood life, she mostly saw the soldiers take charge of the people-no killing involved. Misha lived on the streets with mostly strangers, besides his friends. Unlike Misha, Liesel, lived in a home with her family in a familiar neighborhood. As a result from living on the streets with many, many people, Misha has

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