Compare And Contrast Mongols And Aztec Empires

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The rise of the Aztec Empire (1150-1521) and Mongol Empire (1206-1368) affected their surrounding regions significantly. Through the invasions by these Empires, the areas they inhabited were conquered and reestablished as their own. The Aztecs and Mongols were similar in many ways including their mutual desire to gain power and land. Although these empires resemble each other in the way they acquired land, they vary in terms of their religion and reasons for engineering advances.
Both empires established advances in engineering but, because of their environments, these advances were created differently to benefit themselves. The Mongol Empire was neither as knowledgeable nor as technologically advanced as the Aztec Empire because they did not have the advantages the Aztec Empire did due to their nomadic lifestyle. However the
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Fear was a major factor in the increasing power of these empires. Both empires used fear as a way to gain more land, increasing their empire. The Aztecs were feared for their strong warriors and human sacrifices to their gods. The military power of the Aztecs helped them in conquering the surrounding tribes. While this empire was growing, they contracted an alliance with the Tepanec tribe. The Tepanec leader, Maxlatzin, realized that the Aztecs were growing too strong under his protection, therefore sought to reduce their power. But the Aztecs decided to fight and resist, crushing the Tepanec. Mongols were referred to as brutal and ruthless fighters. They were vagrants, continually trying to find a territory to occupy. Many areas the Mongols conquered did not have the resources ruthless Mongols possessed. Horses, for example, were used as an implement to defeat the opposition by the Mongols because of their speed and mobility. These empires were feared and hated for their military power and desire for more

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