Compare And Contrast Monotheism And Zoroastrianism

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Judaism, Zoroastrianism and Atenism. All three having one huge thing in common, being monotheistic. However, each believing in their own different Gods. In order to compare each one of them is necessary to know the order in which they originated. Therefore, Judaism originates over 30 centuries BC, Atenism being the next one, which was originated over 14 centuries BC and Zoroastrianism being the latest one originating from the 6th century BC. Moreover, all three religions are very self-centered and believe that anyone thinking unlike them is not right and will not be saved at the end of times.
As for their beliefs, both the Atenist the Zoroastrians believe in angels and demons which is often confused with polytheism but they believe that there is only one supreme God, Ahura Mazda. He is the alpha and the omega. He has always been and will always be. The descriptions of the nature of Ahura Mazda is essentially same as Yahweh (God in English). They also believe that one’s duty as creations of the one true God is to do good actions and deeds, without any second thought behind, other than joy. They believe Life is a struggle between good and evil, as well as that, there will be an end of time, Ahura Mazda will gather all the good who have ever lived to his side and destroy the wicked. While the Judaist believed that there was one
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The Zoroastrians and Judaist believe that God comes from something above the world (the universe or light in the case of the Zoroastrians) while the Atenist don’t mention anything above the world, they claim that God originated from a chaos of water that existed before any land. But they all become similar with one big characteristic, their monotheism although they believe in different Gods, they believe in one and only one

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