Compare And Contrast Montag And Captain Beatty

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Guy Montag and Captain Beatty used to have similar beliefs and opinions on society, but Montag’s views change, and his and Beatty’s beliefs come into conflict. Thus, Captain Beatty is the antagonist in the story, opposed to Montag. Even so, while there are many differences between Beatty and Montag, Beatty is just as wise as Montag in his own respect. For example, Beatty is able to tell that when Montag does not come into work, he is hiding something. Although he never says it, Beatty suspects Montag for stealing a book, and he warns him that he should return it or burn it himself. In addition, Beatty expresses knowledge that could only come from books. For instance, he mentions books such as Little Black Sambo and Uncle Tom’s Cabin, as well
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