Compare And Contrast Montresor And Zaroff

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Zaroff and Montresor are two characters in the short stories ‘’ The Most Dangerous Game’’ by Richard Connell and ‘’The Cask of Amontillado’’ by Edgar Allen Poe. Montresor and Zaroff are both wealthy characters who are the antagonist in their respective stories and murder other characters. The motivation behind the killing is what makes them apart from each other. Both of these characters are considered crazy but Montresor seems saner than Zaroff. Do they both have an exceptional excuse for what they did? Montresor has wrath toward Fortunato for insulting and treating him less. Fortunato was tricked into thinking a different result would happen than his death. Montressor tried to make his own justice of the situation ‘’ At length, i will be avenged. ‘’ pg 83 Poe showing he's going to get back at Fortunato for what he did. “He did not perceive that my smile was at his demise’’ Pg 83 Poe. This shows the manipulation and secrecy of Montressor to deceive Fortunato for insulting him. If…show more content…
Zaroff kills to fill his need of boredom but Montresor kills for his revenge. These 2 characters both state their reasonings Zaroff says ‘’Hunting had ceased to be what you call a sporting proposition it had become too easy’’. Pg34 Connell. This shows Zaroff's struggle to fill his hunting desires ‘’I must not punish but punish with impunity’’ pg 83 Poe. Showing that Montresor wants to punish with reason to get justice from Fortunato. The evidence from these stories shows the anger and boredom of these 2 characters in their situation. Zaroff hunted and let his prey know he was going to hunt them. The outcome of Zaroff is different than Montresor not only did Montresor and Zaroff's pray die, Zaroff died in the end, unlike Montressor who explained what he had done to change his prey Fortunato's fate. Also unlike Zaroff's prey, Montresor's prey Fortunato didn't know Montresor had planned to kill
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