Compare And Contrast Mrs Dalloway And The Hours

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The novel, Mrs Dalloway, by Virginia Woolf was published in the year 1925, in the heart of the Modernist era. It is widely recognised as Woolf’s most autobiographical work with many of her own ideas interwoven with the characters throughout. It recounts the tale of a middle-aged woman, Clarissa Dalloway, who was preparing to host a luxurious party one London evening, as the story progresses she begins to reminisce about her past and to ponder over her life choices, particularly the decision over whom to marry. The Hours directed by Stephen Daldry was released in 2002 and narrates a day in the lives of three women, inspired by Mrs Dalloway; the film depicts Virginia Woolf writing the novel, while Laura Brown reads it and Clarissa Vaughn experiences its events in her own life, the women of the novel all have to deal with the trauma of suicide touching their lives. The events of the film clearly echo the original publication and modernise its appeal for a new era. This essay will focus on Mrs Dalloway, and compare it to its cinematic interpretation The Hours. Furthermore, it will explore how the film has adapted the classic novel, as well as analysing the similarities and contrasts between the original text and the film. Additionally, this essay endeavours to uncover how the film has modified the text for modern day audiences. The inclusion of the updated characters in The Hours entwines profundity to the novel and goes beyond Woolf 's inherent storytelling genius by

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