Compare And Contrast My Sister's Keeper Book And Movie

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"My Sister's Keeper," the book and the movie differ each other in many ways. They are different because characters in the movie were not greatly detailed or not even mentioned like they were in the book. Also, some things were changed in the movie. The two stories also have some similarities. The events in the stories, and the character traits. Characters in the movie were not greatly detailed or not even in the movie at all, like they were in the book. One character that was not greatly detailed in the movie was one of the main characters, Jesse. In the book, he was a delinquent due to his parents abandonment to him because of his sister's sickness. In the movie, he was not that important to the story. Another character is Campbell Alexander. He was Anna's lawyer. Campbell did not have as much detail to himself in the movie compared to the book. Campbell has a service dog. In the book, he is always asked what the dog is for. In the movie he was just asked once, by Anna. Campbell would come up with a different explanation each time about why he had the dog. At the end, the truth is revealed to why he had the dog in both stories, but the book showed more meaning to why Campbell wanted it a secret.…show more content…
One thing that was changed was Anna's age. In the book, she was 13 and in the movie, she was 11. Because of her age in the movie, it made her look less mature than how people might have pictured her in the book. Also, the setting changed. The family lived in Rhode Island in the book and California in the movie. The brother, Jesse, became a policeman in the book and an artist in the movie. Lastly, the ending changed. In the movie, the sister With cancer, Kate, dies. In the book the other sister, Anna, dies from a car accident and Kate lives on from Anna's donated
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