Compare And Contrast Myrtle And Wilson In The Great Gatsby

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The American Family Myrtle and George Wilson were once two passionate lovers, caring for nothing else in the world but each other. However, Myrtle’s selfish aura led her to fall in love with not a man, but a thing: money. She became unhappy with her husband and decided to move on to someone more enticing, someone wealthy like Tom Buchanan. In the novel The Great Gatsby written by Fitzgerald, the Wilsons are discontent with their lives by portraying the theme of how when money is involved, they will become dissatisfied with one another and turn to lives of greed and selfishness. The source of Myrtle and George Wilson’s problems is that they have different viewpoints on each other which lead to Myrtle’s dissatisfaction with him. George’s successful look and behaved manner made Myrtle have the incentive to marry him. She believed that George would be able to financially take care of her. When explaining why Myrtle married George, she states that she “‘married him because [she] thought he was a gentleman…[she] thought he knew something about breeding, but he wasn’t fit to lick [her] shoe’” (Fitzgerald 34). Though her speech, one can observe that Myrtle only cared about money and was dissatisfied with George as she says that George “‘wasn’t fit to lick [her] shoe.’” The figurative language present uncovers how she had such scorn and resentment to George, as he was not at her level.. The first part of the quote describing how she thought that ‘“he knew something about
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