Compare And Contrast Napoleon And Putin

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“I think the international community should unite to fight such inhuman phenomena as terror attacks and the murder of totally innocent people.” Words by Vladimir Putin a man who has taken countless lives of innocent people. Putin is exceptionally well at being a hypocrite. He accuses people of doing actions he himself has done. Just like Putin a character who has also made some of the same choices as Putin is Napoleon from George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Putin and Napoleon have a remarkable amount of things in common yet then again have a few differences Do not go against Vladimir Putin unless you are ready to sacrifice your life. “ A top political nemesis of President Vladimir Putin was shot and killed early Saturday in central Moscow, Russian police said, one day before an opposition rally was scheduled to take place” (Cnn.com). It is not unusual to see something like this happening especially with a dictator like Putin. Evil things like this that takes place shows that certain people should not obtain power for the sake of them doing unreasonable things to accomplish their goals. Just like Putin there 's another being with the same intentions. When the animals of Animal Farm took Snowball’s side they were immediately gotten rid of. “ The dogs promptly tore their throats out” …show more content…

Who would have ever thought that a simple dictator could have so much in common with a pig from a book. It’s quite silly actually to think about it almost makes it seem like it 's a common thing for a dictator to make decisions like these. Though the things that Putin and Napoleon did are very weird both of them did it which makes it seem like it actually isn’t that weird especially for two dictators to do. No matter how common it is for dictators to pull stunts like the examples that have been given it is wrong nonetheless. As this essay is being written it is questioned, why is it that most dictators do terrible things and why isn’t their a dictator doing something good for a

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