Compare And Contrast Native American Culture And Indian Culture

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Joandra Silva
HIST-1302.V05 and V06
Native American resistance All the way through history, different forms existed used by colonizers to deteriorate the cultural individualities of Native Americans in order to integrate them into society. Up to 1924 the Indian Citizenship Act gave them the same privilege, economic prominence and educational opportunities than others in the Unites States. Even with this, Native Americans shaped different routes of plans to express their uniqueness proving the unsuccessful standard of assimilation. Natives sustained changes due to the arrival of the Europeans. Nonetheless, before the damage, the Native Americans had their own way of structured living and existing together as a family in a community. In the new America, the natives faced a lot of changes, they had to abandon their ideas and beliefs, and it started to affect their culture.
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No culture is never the same, Both the Indian and American culture are much differentiated from each other. American culture is a mixture of different nations and the Indian culture stands on its own and has its individual values. One of the many different things between them is the family relationships. Indians very family oriented while Americans are individuals. In Indian culture, family standards are given more importance, they respect their morals, and are more committed to one another while the Americans are more devoted to themselves. Unlike Indians, the Americans organize things in advance. The Americans have faith in controlling nature and their surroundings. In contrast, Indians have trust in the harmony with nature. Indians are also more competitive that Americans. They work for meeting the requirements their family needs. While Americans only work for themselves, for their own ability and to get wealthier. They ensure great respect to time and its
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