Compare And Contrast Nature And Nature

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NATURE VERSUS NURTURE Nature: Nature is also known as heredity, it is the genetic code you are born with. It is inherited i-e passed on to you from your parents. Example: Some examples of nature or heredity could be; • Height • Behavior • IQ The fact that nature had a great impact on child’s development can be elucidated in the studies of twin. Flanagen (2002) explored the Minnesota study in which a set of identical twins were brought up separately. In one case, a set of identical twins was raised apart, known as Jim twins. They were not allowed to meet until they were almost forty and had many similarities even though they were raised apart. Jim Lewis was adopted after four weeks of his birth. When he was in his 30s, he decided to search for his family. After few years, he found his identical twin brother, Jim springer. Both brothers discovered some amazing similarities among them. As children, both had been fretful sleepers and nail-biters. Both suffered from migraines, hemmorhoids and high blood pressure. Both liked to go to same beach on holidays. Both named their first James Allen. There was no real explanation for all their similarities except that nature must play a crucial…show more content…
It is believable but not as much convincing when we mix it with nurture. Human beings learn new things in their everyday life, as soon as we come in to the world, our learning process begins. As a newborn baby, we slowly learn and adapt in order to survive in a new environment which is unlike that of our mother’s wombs. Our first environment in which we first grow up, adapt, and developed in is our home . Parents and siblings play a huge role in determining personalities. Influences from outside the family are also very important to the development of one’s personality. But everything starts at
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