Compare And Contrast New Deal And Conservatism

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Modern conservatives in American opposed the New Deal and the “postwar liberal” legacies of the New Deal. Conservatives sought to restrict government activism with the goal of maximizing economic and personal freedom for both individuals and businesses. The New Deal defined modern liberalism in addition to providing post war conservatism with its mission to stop liberalism social programs and the progressive tax policies that paid for them. Race and states’ rights continued to haunt the New Deal in the Old South. The discrimination of gender increased as modern conservatives believed it only harmed women. Monetarism was a concern among many conservatives as Friedman proposed its issues with the economy. Modern conservatives in America had opposition to the legacies of school desegregation and the…show more content…
This party stood for the segregation of the races and to accept private employment with governmental interference. They were opposed to action of the Democratic Convention in sponsoring a civil rights program that would abolish segregation, social equality, and voting and local law enforcement. They believed that these programs would destruct social, economic and political life of the South. They are against the United States becoming a police nation that would destroy all rights and liberty of every citizen. Therefore the rights should be returned to the people they belong to. The Dixiecrats offered to a solution of using checks and balances that were provided by the departments of the government. They believed that all Democrats and upon all other loyal Americans opposed to totalitarianism should unite and defeat Truman, Dewey and every other candidate that would police the nation. Furthermore, they urged the candidates of Thurmond and Wright for President and Vice-President for the United States of America. The Dixiecrats, ultimately, offered a solution of a new philosophy that would ultimately adjust the laws of segregation and the civil right’s
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