Compare And Contrast New England And Chesapeake Dbq

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The New World was home to Native Americans before it was ever home to Europeans. Europeans, mostly the English were who began to shape it to their needs and personal identities. New England, for example was considered to be tight knit and as a result of having families developed schools, and churches to fit their lifestyle. New England and Chesapeake were distinct societies during the colonization era of North America with different settlement patterns, motivations, and economies.
Patterns of settlement for New England and Chesapeake differed greatly. For example, on March 20, 1635, the list of emigrants contained families with grandparents included immigrating to New England(Doc B). New England also had more women making it more prosperous with families and children. Whereas Chesapeake's immigrants were males or indentured servants, who back in Europe were most likely the youngest son and therefore had to look for his own wealth somewhere else (Doc C). Both of the lists were created for the English crown because the crown needed to know who was going to the New World. Virginians were not able to properly defend their “country” due to it being isolated and having scattered population (Doc G). The document was written in December of 1673 most likely meant for the English in England to
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Whilst Chesapeake’s economy was based off of tobacco and sugar plantations. The geography of the land also had to do with the economy because in the Chesapeake Bay, the land was fertile and there was plenty of land to be used for plantations while in New England the land was rocky leading the settlers to look for other means of wealth. Even though both regions had wealth, New England was more inclined towards serving God than richness (Doc E). Written in 1676, document E’s purpose is to publicly show that New England is not about getting rich and that they have close ties to religion even in
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