Compare And Contrast Newsies And Shrek

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My first time I went to Tuacahn I got to see Newsies and Shrek. Tuachan is an Amphitheater in the mountains , where the scenery is really beautiful that time of year. It was so magical and hot , really hot. So the trip from Idaho to St. George it takes about seven and a half hours to get there longest car trip ever , not really the trip to Canada is so much longer , anyway it is super long unless you are listening to music, my family loves music so much if we could sit in a car listening to music twenty-four seven we totally would. When we found out we were going to see Newsies and Shrek we listened to the music over and over and over again . When we got there we met up with our great Aunt Lonnie and my Mom’s cousin Megan and her two
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