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A printed publication (usually issued daily or weekly) consisting of folded unstapled sheets and containing news, articles, advertisements, and correspondence.
"All the newspapers carried the story"
About newspaper:
Though the spread of the internet and electronic media like TV and cable has put some breaks on the circulation and numbers of newspapers, they still remain the primary source of reliable and fresh content about what is happening around the world and locally. The printing press gave wings to the spread of newspapers and in every part of the world there are national newspapers as well as newspapers in local dialects. Most of the newspapers are daily in nature, but some happen to be weekly and even monthly. Newspapers
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Newspaper contains fresh content than magazine. Newspaper are cheaper than magazine. Newspaper has more verity of content than magazine. Magazines usually contain soft news whereas newspaper contains hard news. Newspapers are delivered by hawkers though many purchase them at crossings and newsstands. Newspaper never falls short of content whereas magazine content is always based upon the liking of readers. A magazine is much like a book while a newspaper is much larger in size. As far as appearance magazine look more attractive than newspaper. Newspapers are more versatile in content than magazines. Readership of a newspaper is higher than that of a magazine though there are…show more content…
It is a general idea that even our Journalism books and professors have taught us that the newspaper is bigger than magazines. Various amounts of information are to be placed and compacted on a newspaper so it really does need to be a little bigger than magazines. It is seldom or maybe a rare occasion do we see a magazines that is as big as a newspapers or the other way around unless the newspapers is of a tabloid-type. A magazine tends to have a “book-type” size while the newspaper is really meant to be spread arms length in order for the reader to grasp its contents to the

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