Compare And Contrast Night And Life Is Beautiful

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Through reading Night and viewing Life is Beautiful, it is evident that many parallels exist between the two works. Both stories demonstration of the Holocaust provide the audience with a clear message of the authors intent. In reviewing the works, many similarities also hold contrast, allowing for the distinct voice of each creator to show. While both Night and Life is Beautiful shed light on the relationship between father and son, the presence of 'light in darkness', and the narrator's perspective, each work provides a different execution of these key elements of the story.
In both Night and Life is Beautiful the presence and prominence of a father figure is displayed. The love Shlomo Wiesel and Guido possess for their children is undeniable, and becomes evident through the trials each pair faces. Elie's
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In both works, many search for light in the darkness of the Holocaust. The illustration of key figures in each story highlights the source of light found in character. In Night, Elie introduces Juliek, a fiddler who delivers comfort in the wake of devastating darkness. "The darkness enveloped us. All I could hear was the violin, and it was as if Julieks soul had become his bow...his charred past, his extinguished future. He played that which he would never play again" (95). Juliek embodied hope as he broke through the darkness of a night scarred with death, using his bow. The projection of his heart was used to tear people's minds away from the war waging around them, even for little while. In Life is Beautiful, Guido's character signifies light. His outward levity carries those around him through trials, also sparking hope. As seen in Joshua, Guido caused others to forget or dismiss the mournful embrace of tragedy, with the replacement of a smile. Though Juleik's somber response of comfort differs from Guido's humorous approach, each shed light unto the darkness around
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