Compare And Contrast Nike Vs Adidas

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Nike vs. Adidas
Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant are known as some of the greatest basketball players to every play the game. They all have something in common, other than being great basketball players, they are also sponsored by Nike. Nike and Adidas are equally popular but one of them is greater. Marketing is extremely important because it leads to selling products and makes Nike’s products more desirable to other companies. In 1978, the name Nike came from the Greek goddess of Victory. The logo is the Swoosh; its trademark tag is “Just do it”. Nike’s main markets are basketball, running, and the main focus is on the U.S. market. Nike leads in terms of athletic sponsorship, advertising, and marketing. Nike is very competitive in products and new things that come out in America. The Adidas Logo is three stripes, consisting of the three parallel bars. Adidas’ focus is on the people and the soccer, tennis. Adidas main marketing is people can buy their product.
In my opinion, I think Nike and Adidas are awesome, but I prefer Nike because the products are more comfortable to wear on the basketball court. Nike shoes are more light weight on the court and the feeling of the Nike shoes are a good fit to wear, because
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Nike is very well known in today 's generation; it keeps proceeding through the world. Nike is big in America, while Adidas is not that popular. In recent years, Nike has expanded and has been effective for basketball and athletes around the world. Nike endorses NBA players to get signed to big Nike contracts and these endorsements tell players to advertise their products on T.V and have them advertise them online and on the magazine. Nike has endorsed a gay athlete, and they have reached out to the homosexual community by endorsing a gay athlete. This endorsement has caused the homosexual community to embrace Nike and their products, and now the homosexual community will buy Nike’s products
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