Compare And Contrast Nursing Theorist And Their Theory

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Nursing Theorists and their Theory 1.Florence Nightingale- Nightingale’s theory of the Environment is mainly focused on the environment, she believed that, the environment has a great importance that can be used to improve and encourage healing. With proper ventilation, clean air, lack of noise , proper lighting, and adequate elimination of waste. Are a few factors she believed and can be observed and maintained. 2.Sister Calista Roy- Roy’s Theory is based on, in which the individual views biopsychosocial being, in which a person adapt with the constant change of the environment. She believes nursing is needed when stressors or weakened coping methods can make the persons attempts of ineffective coping mechanisms. Th main goal of nursing…show more content…
According to Rogers patients can participate knowing the change process to its capacity. The characteristics basically, describes of the life processes of the patient are: Energy field, openness, pattern and dimensionality. This model, the nurses role is to serve people. Rogers also includes, Therapeutic touch, humour, music, mediation, imagery and color use. Nurses intervention are there to coordinate the rhythm between human and environment and assisting the patient in the change process and toward a better health. 9. Dorothea Orem- Orem’s theory creates self care, known as the practice of activity, in which the patient performs his personal routine and needs independently to maintain health and lifestyle, according to age, developmental state, experiences in life, and cultural background. Orem identifies 5 requisites as known as; Activity of Daily Living; .The maintenance of sufficient intake of food and water. .Provisions of care associated with the elimination process .A balance between, activities and rest as well as between solitude and social interaction. .The prevention of hazards to human life and well…show more content…
This theory defines nurses developed skills and the understanding of patient care over the years, with a combination of educational background and personal experiences in the clinical area. This theory has five levels of Nursing; Novice, Advanced Beginner, Competent, Proficient, and Expert. . A novice-is a beginner with no experience, they are bound by rules to assist in performing tasks. They simply follows instruction and under continuous supervision. . The Advance Beginner- Demonstrates acceptable standards in the performance of their tasks, and gains experience in an actual nursing situation. . A competent Nurse- has two-three years experience in the clinical area as a nurse, the experience could also has a similar day-to-day situations. . A Proficent Nurse-develops an understanding situations in a whole.Nurses in this stage learn from past experiences and what to expect in different situations. . Expert Nurse- no longer relies on principles or rules to put together situations to determine the course of action. They possess a deeper background and experience over the years in
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