Compare And Contrast Occupational Therapy Vs Physical Therapy

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Independence is a capability that no one wants to lose for any amount of time; which is where therapy comes into the picture. There are many different types of therapy, two of which are occupational therapy and physical therapy. These two branches of rehabilitation are very similar and frequently confused, but they are not the same. Physical and occupational therapies often work together and overlap on their treatments. Even though they intersect the therapists are usually looking for a different outcome. The difference in outcome is what makes these two types of therapy crucial to each other. Contrasting occupational and physical therapy will show more clearly why both are needed in their own right; these two therapy categories complement each other from their therapy practices to the education given to patients, and even with their end goal. Occupational therapy can vary immensely. Gary Kielhofner stated in Conceptual Foundations Of Occupational Therapy Practice “The observation that engagement in an occupation had the potential to transform people is what brought the field into existence.” This is why occupational therapy patients are given tasks instead of simple movements. It is common for occupational therapists to give their patients jobs such as…show more content…
However, it is where they differ that makes each field have its purpose. In any given major injury occupational and physical therapists must work together to help the patient live a close to normal life. These divisions of rehabilitation are not only significant for the patient they are also key to the success of each other. As occupational and physical therapists treat, instruct, and reach their final goal they branch out from each other. This enables them to meet back at the common interest of empowering their patients. Quality of life is the focus for both of these categories of therapy and their difference in approach is what gives them
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