Compare And Contrast Ocean Vs Space Exploration

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Ocean V. Space Exploration The ocean covers more than 70% of the Earth, yet we’ve explored only around 5% of it. This means there is so much more to explore in the ocean. The one reason we haven’t explored as much of the ocean is because of space. Space is wildly more popular, and has proven its worth with many advancements. The ocean, however, has major benefits: providing food, medicine, and the air we breathe. Oceans can bring much more to the table, if we would simply explore more of them. Space provides both medicinal and technological advancements, yet the ocean not only brings those about, but also has a plethora of more benefits including jobs. Oceans benefit the population in many ways, one of them being income. Many jobs stem from…show more content…
Thousands of people eat fish and the number keeps on growing, it is one of the healthiest meats out there. “Fish and mollusks provide an "important source of protein for a billion of the poorest people on Earth, and about three billion people get 15 percent or more of their annual protein from the sea," says Matthew Huelsenbeck” (Amitai 68). On the issue of food, NASA is atypically mum. It does not claim it will feed the world with whatever it finds or plans to grow on Mars, Jupiter, or any other place light years away. The oceans are likely to be of great help. With food, energy, and attacks on global warming the ocean has hit a grand slam. That leaves space feeling quite inadequate compared to the deep…show more content…
Space agencies around the world have a long history of collaboration, including with public health agencies. Space has also provided many new human experiences, such as zero gravity training. This training has showed various effects on the human body, helping scientist to better analyze the human body.” devices developed for space missions, such as the robotic arm that was used to assemble the international space station, have been adapted into a smaller robotic device for use in surgery” (Pascal 519). This robotic arm helps to be more precise during surgery, making the rate of casualty lower. Space has helped hone the skills of scientist. By using satellite technology for space, they were able to use the same concept for Earth. Even with all the benefits of space, its major down falls are cost, risks, and low chances of reward for their efforts. Many space explorations cost fortunes with little to come out of it, making it almost seem not worth it. The risk is another key factor, with little known about the majority of space, many outliers can appear out of nowhere and can cause death to anyone that happens to be working up there. These contingencies are less likely to occur exploring the ocean, it cost less, we know enough to make sure there are little risks, as well as knowing that are explorations will have some kind of reward for our

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