Compare And Contrast Squids And Octopuses

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Which one do you fear: Octopuses or Squids? The seven oceans contain thousands of organisms, which create an aquatic ecosystem. Some of these organisms are peaceful friends, but some are ruthless killers. Throughout the history of marine species, octopuses and squids have been described as monstrous creatures, which appear as homogeneous species, but they contrast with each other. Sharing various comparable traits and physical features, made it confusing for humans to organize them in the classification system. Octopuses and squids share many features but lead different lives. As marine species, both octopuses and squids have a suitable body for maintaining life at sea. Octopuses range in size from one centimeter to five meters, as squids are about sixty centimeters (giant squids can be thirteen meters). From the lack of bones, octopuses and squids are mostly soft. They both have a soft covering known as the mantle, which surrounds the internal organs. Their eight arms make movement possible in the…show more content…
They enjoy eating small creatures such as shrimp, fish, crustaceans and they prefer to hunt at night. However, they have different ways of eating their prey. Squids quietly stalk in the water. When the prey is attracted, it is torn apart while it is still alive. They use their tentacles which have rings on the ends that are very sharp and create a tight grip using suction. After the prey is torn, they shred it into smaller pieces and eat it with a small beak that looks like a mouth. (Squid-World) “Octopuses creep toward its prey and then pounces, grabbing hold with its tentacles. Suckers on the tentacles hold the prey firmly while the octopus drags it to its mouth.”(Grid Club) Both creatures also use inject venom, that paralyzes the prey. Then, they release salivary enzymes. The enzymes dissolve the meat, so it is easier to eat. The more they eat, the bigger becomes their power.

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