Compare And Contrast Odysseus And Black Panther

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The new Marvel Movie, Black Panther, just hit the market and everyone is raving about it already. This movie hero from 2018 shares the same qualities as a hero from the Greek times; the stories of heroes use the same concepts, just with different names and settings. For example. Odysseus from Homer’s epic poem the Odyssey, shares many characteristics with the Black Panther.The major difference between the two is that Odysseus is struggling to go back home while Black Panther is struggling to save his home, but both concern the battle against injustice. Although Odysseus is different to Black Panther as he is a modern day hero and Odysseus is a Greek hero.Black Panther did not have to deal with the Greek gods and the mythical monsters from the Greek era.…show more content…
While Odysseus is trying to go back home the Gods make it much more difficult for him then it already is. On the contrary, Black Panther is struggling to go save his home because a new king wants to take over Wakanda and reveal their secrets to the world. Odysseus does not have the advantage of being at his home and leaving whenever he wants and being able to come back easily as Black Panther does. Black Panther is struggling to save his home because while he is away, Erik is making plans on how to overtake Wakanda and make himself king. He, later on, confronts Black Panther and they fight each other to see who wins in order to become king. Odysseus can relate to this because once he finally comes home from Ithaca, Penelope holds a contest on stretching a bow through 12 ax heads: “ I will promise to marry whoever is able to bend it most easily and send an arrow through the open part of twelve axes in a line”(185). If he won he would prove he is worthy to be chosen by Penelope just as Black Panther except whoever won the fight would prove they are worthy to be
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