Compare And Contrast Odysseus And Don Quixote De La Mancha

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The Odyssey and the story of Don Quixote de La Mancha are completely different from each other, they say. However, if you pay attention to both stories, you will see a series of similarities as well as differences between them. According to the journeys Odysseus and Don Quixote take, the main focus in the stories, they have many things in common, even if one lived in Greece many years before the other start his journey. Analyzing both stories, we can perceive similarities about who they are fighting for and what they are fighting against, differences about the monsters they confront, and the resolution of the story. A similarity we can see in both stories is that both Odysseus and Don Quixote are fighting against monsters for the people they love: Odysseus is fighting against monsters for his home, his wife and son. He stayed many years traveling and defeating mythological creatures just with one objective: return home, to his so loved Penelope and his beloved son. Don Quixote, as Odysseus, is fighting against monsters and (sometimes) defeating them to prove to Dulcinea,, his most loved woman, that he is worthy of her, he deserves her love, and he will do everything for her to see it. An example of his effort for love is when Don Quixote almost kill the Biscayan, and the ladies that were watching the fight agree to tell Dulcinea Del Toboso of his victory, even not knowing who she is (English 1A book page 253). However, more than fighting for their love, both protagonists
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