Compare And Contrast Of Martin Luther King Jr. And George Wallace

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Civil Rights Compare and Contrast In the early 1960’s Martin Luther King Jr. and George Wallace both gave speeches on civil and equal rights, and segregation issues going on at that time. Martin Luther King Jr wanted segregation to end. George Wallace wanted to run for presidency even though he was a liberal judge he used pro-segregation as a platform to gain the southern vote. They both had similarities and differences in Kairos, Ethos, Logos and Pathos. Dr. King and George Wallace had great timeliness for giving their speech, Kairos is the use of timeliness “ the right place and the right time.” ( Both men used this point in time to give their speech because it was the beginning of the civil rights movement which benefited both men for different reasons. Martin Luther King Jr.’s use of Kairos benefitted him because when he gave his speech on August 28, 1963 it was the peak of the civil rights movement. His speech was not only heard and seen by the people who were able to make it out to see him give his speech but also the people who didn’t go. Televisions were starting to become more common in American homes. Had he done it before the time of tv and radio it wouldn’t have had the same impact. George Wallace use Kairos also benefited him because he wanted to run for president in the next election. He used segregation and the civil rights movement as a platform to gain the southern vote. Wallace gave his speech in the south because durning the 1960’s
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