Compare And Contrast Online Shopping And Traditional Shopping

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Now, along with the network popularization, the online shopping has become a trend, not only the young also middle-aged elderly like online shopping. online shopping is the main priority target, and buying goods in a store is not popular than before. Most people have experienced online shopping. The development of the Internet has made online shopping more rapid, and online shopping has become the first choice for many people, buying clothes, trousers, daily necessities and even books. Many people think that online shopping is omnipotent, but the unique advantages of traditional shopping still make online shopping seem inadequate in some respects. Next we will compare the advantages of online shopping and traditional shopping. Find that online shopping has no advantage over traditional shopping, and choose what kind of shopping way will be affected by consumers their own attitudes and opinions.
Firstly, online shopping is more convenient than traditional shopping. Online shopping is not limited by time and place. In online shopping, in order to choose and buy goods, buyers don 't have to go to another city or country stores and can directly choose and buy on the Internet, and online store can let the consumer shopping at any time. (Farid, Sevgi) When choosing a product, do not consider whether the store is open. For some workers, getting their work done during the day, and finished it late, they want to go to the store is hard, so online shopping is their best option. At the

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