Compare And Contrast Optimism And Pessimism

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Optimism Optimism can be defined as the mental behavior or as a type of character in which every happening is experienced in lighter, positive way. Every obstacle that prevents someone from achieving his goal will be reduced and made easier because of optimistic point of view. It is much easier to solve our problem through positive thinking by pulling the good things from bad. The same goes for difficult situations in life or simply just a bad day. Positive thinking can surely help people to improve their mental and physical state. That way of thinking can draw out the prime outcome from any given position. Frequent way to describe optimism against pessimism is through a simple bottle of…show more content…
With different ways of thinking it is difficult to conclude which mental behavior is actually better. Both optimists and pessimists know to find motivation in life through different perspective. Some people find motivation through positive thinking that pushes them to work harder or to try to correct the mistake they made. Others think about the consequences that could go wrong, so they get prepared when that action actually happens. Both optimists and pessimists have their way to find motivation through different ways. Studies have shown that although optimism is turned to positive thinking it is not always the optimism that is better than pessimism. Certain number of people was split in two groups where they were given some task. In that research two groups were using different types of ways to solve the task. “What the results showed was that pessimists performed better when thinking in negative ways. At the same time optimists were more engaged with their task when they were thinking positive thoughts”. Optimists were more tenacious, but pessimists were more effectual because of negative

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