Compare And Contrast Ottoman And Spanish Empires

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Empires of the 1400's- 1800's had some major differences, but they also came

along with some major similarities. This time period brought major changes to the

Europe and American worlds. Once, two completely different places, now connected

through conquest the of the americas or Middle East. Their conquest spread throughout

land and allowed them to adopt and transform their ideas throughout the world and their

realities areas. While both empires spread their land, the ottomans were less open to

foreign ideas. Throughout the time period given the Spanish and ottomans built their

empires through political, social, and economic ideologies that are both, different and

similar in many aspects.

In both cases the rulers used religion
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From a political standpoint both governments tried to control the social norm in

their respective empires. Both empires had a state religion that was enforced by the

government. The Spanish used the "convert or die" ultimatum to enforce Christianity on

the general public. The ottomans were not as harsh but islam was still the major for in

politics. The Janissary class ruled politics in The Ottoman Empire, and were young boys

recruited to study Islam and its factors.

A many part of the economy in both empires was slavery. The Spanish empire

used slavery to farm sugar and other crops in the new world and the ottomans used

them for sexual slavery among other things. The Ottoman Empire boasted slaves that

were war captives to slaves that captured in routine raids in the north and east Africa

and Eastern Europe. Slavery was such a big factor in the economy that almost 20% of

the Ottoman population were slaves and it is estimated that nearly 514,000 slaves were

imported to the Spanish colonies and that is just from Africa. Another major factor in the

Spanish empire's economy was the precious metals shipped in from their colonies. The

ottomans found their own lucrative business in the way of stopping trade caravans,
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