Strict Parenting

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It is noticeable that different parenting styles are adopted in different families, under the variation, the influence given to the teenagers also vary. Parents varys in their interactions with children along two major dimensions – warmth and demandingness. Warmth means the level of communication and responsiveness between parents and their children, while Demand means the level of strictness from parents towards their children. There are four common types of parenting style: authoritarian: the relationship characterized by high demand but lack of warmth; authoritative: the relationship characterized by high demand and high warmth; permissive: the relationship with low demand but high warmth; neglectful: the relationship with low demand and…show more content…
Thus, authoritative could be a better parenting style in terms of academic achievement, family relationship and personality .

To begin with, academic achievement is closely related to the demand and strictness of parenting style. Strict parenting is of paramount importance in the academic success. In the development of children, they usually lack of intention to move forward in their academic path. At this moment, parental pressure acts as a force for children to thrive in the academic area which can be explained by the example of Max (Qin,D.B., Chang,T.F. , Han,J.E. , Grace ,C. , 2012). Max acknowledged the important role of his mother played in his schooling . “ If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be like where I am today .” (Qin,D.B., Chang,T.F. , Han,J.E. , Grace ,C. , 2012)This reviews the significant role that parents act in the academic development of the teenagers .Furthermore, strict parenting provides a clear direction for children in their
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The reason leading to the diverse is mainly due to the aspect of responsiveness which is known as warmth. With high responsiveness, less conflict can be seen by adopting a more acceptable strategy on parenting. For instance, In Ming’ family, his parents are having requiring high demand which is pushing Ming to enter Ivy League University .However, when his parents notices Ming has a over workload and becoming stressful, they concern about Ming’s status and change their parenting strategy, such as saying " It is okay, it doesn't matter, just do your best".(Qin,D.B., Chang,T.F. , Han,J.E. , Grace ,C. , 2012) With high level of acceptance and communication from parents, mutual understanding is strengthened with the willingness of respecting the opinion of each other, which can eventually leads to higher family cohesion. Meanwhile, in the case of low responsiveness, for example, the tiger parenting approach, conflict is undoubtedly higher . (Pappas,S. , 2012). Owing to the reason that the tiger parenting style enrolls the virtues of strictness, blunt criticism, an unyielding insistence on academic perfusion with insufficient care and response to children’s stress. This adds tremendous pressure to the children that
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