Compare And Contrast Parenting Styles Of Adolescents

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Many adolescents personality is formed by the relationship with their parents. Many parents use different parental styles to their children to grow up. This is a controversial issue in the society as whenever the adolescent makes mistake the parents gets blamed and the parents are questioned about their parenting. Parents learn to adopt different style to educate their adolescent. As the Journal of Adolescence; Personality and parenting style in parents of adolescents by Rose M.E. Huver, Roy Otten, Hein de Vries, Rutger C.M.E. Engels reported there are mainly four distinct parenting styles called Authoritative, Authoritarian, Indulgent, Uninvolved. Parents mainly use strict/parental control (parental demandingness) or parental support (parental responsiveness). In Authoritative parents use both strict/parental control (parental demandingness) and parental support (parental responsiveness) in raising their adolescents. For Authoritarian, the parents strict/parental control (parental demandingness). For Indulgent the parents only use parental support (parental responsiveness). Lastly for Uninvolved parents do not use either of the strict/parental control (parental demandingness) or parental support (parental responsiveness). For authoritative, parents are usually responsive and the parents and their adolescents mutual trust and understanding and the adolescents’ personality is often more extraverted, conscientious and emotionally stable. For authoritarian, parents are often
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