Compare And Contrast Parole And Probation

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Parole VS. Probation
What is parole and probation? Parole is usually served after a prison sentence. The offender is required by the parole board to meet with his or her parole officer. Whereas probation, is managed by a probation officer who checks in daily. Probation takes place prior to jail time and sentencing. Although both share the similarity of breaking indiscretions, there are a few differences.
Unlike parole, probation is a sentence that is issued by the court. An offender is placed on court supervision and is required to successfully complete their probation. Probation can be active or inactive. Active probation means during the time an offender is under probation, he or she must actively report to their probation officer by any form of contact including telephone, mail, or in person; however, inactive probation means that the offender does not have to report to a probation officer during their time of probation. During active probation, offenders may be required to submit to drug and or urine tests. The offender may be moved to inactive probation if rewarded with good behavior. On the other hand, parole is issued by a parole board. The parole board makes the initial decision to reintegrate the offender
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The judge then has the ability to sentence a period of incarceration time also known as a new sentence; however, if an offender violates their parole conditions they must appear in front of the parole board. The parole board then sentences them back to jail to serve the original time given or the board can decide to allow the offender to continue with their parole sentence.
Probation and parole share a few differences such as time served, place served, and conditions. Probation is a form of incarceration served within the community before any sentencing. Whereas parole is usually served after jail time or as an early release opportunity for good

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