Compare And Contrast Pearl Harbor And The Battle Of Stalingrad

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The Battle of Stalingrad, and the attack on Pearl Harbor were all battles that had a devastating ending, with many deaths. Germany at the time in World War (WWII)was part of the Axis Powers, joined by Japan. The United States was part of the Allied powers. Both of these battles were significant because they had deep importance in the expansion of their country 's involvement in the war and to showcase their power. The Battle of Stalingrad, started in July 17, 1942 - February 2, 1943, and took place in the western front of Russia in the city of Stalingrad. Hitler, the leader of Germany and his military general Marshal Zhukov tried invading Russia. On the other hand, Josef Stalin dictator of Russia/Soviet Union defending his country from the enemy. July 17, 1942, Germany bombed city of Stalingrad and also attacked Soviet Union 's ships in the Volga River. On November 19, 1942 the Red Army begins Operation Uranus to encircle German 6th army. Three days later on November 23, 1942, 290,000 Axis troops were captured. The Soviet Union had home advantage including the fact they had faster access to supplies. This battle was important for the Soviet Union and its pride to embarrass Hitler and end his quest of conquering Russia. If Germany had won…show more content…
This attack occurred in December 7, 1941 on the island of Hawaii. Yamamoto Isoroku, was the mastermind of the Pearl Harbor. Husband E. Kimmel at the time was commanding officer of Hawaii. The bombing lasted about 2.5 hours, which is the shortest battle. The Japanese benefited from the attack because they totally surprised the United States. If the United States had won this battle, and at least had a warning that an attack was going take place we could have killed them and possibly speed the process of bombing them with the atomic bomb. Sadly Pearl Harbor included the death of 2,400 U.S soldiers and 1143 wounded. 55 Japaneses were killed in the
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