Compare And Contrast Perpetua And Dido

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Perpetua can be compared and contrasted to Dido. Perpetua was a determined, strong woman who stood up for her beliefs, and did not let anything or anyone change her own perspectives and ideals. Similarly, Dido was a passionate, confident ruler of a city determined to achieve her own goals. At some point, Dido and Perpetua shared the same emotions of defying others for what their personal beliefs that they were willing to die fort; neither cared what the community thought about them. However, there is a contrast between their reasons for their emotions. Perpetua lived in Carthage, a place conquered by Romans, and was supposed to worship the Roman gods, but instead she was devoted to Christianity. She sacrificed everything, even though she had a nursing baby and a family, because she would rather have died than deny her faith.…show more content…
When this love ended, she found herself unable to reassume her dignified position. For that reason, she took her own life. Both Perpetua and Dido, were independent women capable of defending themselves towards the community, but their destinies were different. Perpetua was able to stick to her ideals no matter the obstacles she was facing, and she was executed for it. On the contrary, Dido, despite her admirable personality and courage, got herself in a situation that she could not handle in the proper way and due to her lack of control, she decided to end her life rather than find a way to deal with the issue. Nonetheless, both of these women can be considered as roles towards women’s rights and
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