Compare And Contrast Perseus And The Odyssey

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The story of Perseus the hero is one that has a lasting impact on Greek mythology. However, there are two different interpretations of the story. There is the actual written version and there is the 2010 movie version directed by Louis Leterrier known as Clash of the Titans. In the movie plot it includes that the kingdom of Argos will be destroyed by Hades. Argos needs a hero and they ask Perseus to save their kingdom. While in the Greek story version, the king of Argos is scared of his future when told that his grandson will be his killer. King Acrisius decides to send his grandson off to the ocean in hopes that it kills him and his destiny will not be fulfilled. Both stories have similarities and differences. Similarities are more difficult…show more content…
The character Io in the movie is non-existent in the story version, she is a made up character that Hollywood made to have a better love story. In the movie, they have giant scorpions that they ride around which was never mentioned in the actual Greek story. Hades was portrayed as the main villain in the movie and was never a villain in the story. Perseus’ parents were killed by Hades in Clash of the Titans, but this was never included in the story. Calibos, the monster, was not in the story but played a major role in Clash of the Titans. Some parts in the movie do not connect with the actual story. The story of Perseus is a memorable one in Greek mythology. However, there are two very different interpretations. Many differences occur between the actual story and the film Clash of the Titans. That is why I prefer the actual story version because it is cut and dry. Made up love stories stay out of it and it actually seems like a real Greek story, not a Hollywood one. Perseus was a hero in both stories but in the written, he was not some guy that ran around and killed monsters. I enjoyed both versions and I love movies but I do not believe this movie did the actual story

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