Compare And Contrast Phantoms In The Snow And Flowers For Algernon

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The books “Phantoms In The Snow” by Kathleen Benner Duble and “Flowers For Algernon” by Daniel Keyes have many similarities and differences. The main character in Phantoms In The Snow is a teenage boy named Noah Garret that grew up his whole life in Texas until his parents died of smallpox. After staying in an orphanage Noah went to go stay with his uncle, which his parents had never spoke about and lived up in a army camp in the mountains of Colorado. Being only 15 and moving to Texas from Colorado, was a huge change in Noah's life. The main character in Flowers For Algernon is a 37 year old man named Charlie Gordon who has down syndrome and whose “friends” made fun of him all the time. All of Charlie’s life he has been wishing to be smart. One day Charlies wish came true, by having a special surgery down as an experiment by two doctors gives Charlie all the knowledge he's ever wanted but it's not permanent. In both of the stories, the main characters go through hard times; like Noah having to travel from Texas, the place he grew up in, to Colorado. The text says, “Would he ever get over losing his parents? Or would he feel this sense of loneliness forever? his whole life had been his…show more content…
One of the differences is that Charlie is a Grown up man, the text says “ my name is Charlie Gordon. I am 37 years old and 2 weeks ago was my birthday”. Noah is a Teen (15 years old). Another difference is that Overall these are two great books and they are many differences but also have some similarities. Knowing the similarities and differences in books is important because it helps you learn the the lesson of the book and the lesson you learn can really reflect in your life. In the two books, Phantoms In The Snow and Flowers For Algernon the lessons of the two books are the same, and it is to move on from your mistakes. For me this reflects on me when I make a mistake in soccer, I will move from my mistake and learn from
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