Compare And Contrast Pizarro And Cornes Fight The Aztecs

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Cortés and Pizarro have a slight difference, Although they have a few in common. Cortés believed that he could succeed where none had before. Malinche served as his translator and advisor . Malinche told Cortés how the aztecs gained power and helped him fight the Aztecs. Cortés was interested in the gold and silver ornaments that Moctezuma began sending him , he became more determined to reach Tenochtitlán. As Moctezuma welcomed Cortés to his capital, they remained to stay in the city and saw more of the Aztec treasure. They decided to imprison Moctezuma so they could gain control of the Aztecs and their riches. Cortés and his Indians allies captured and demolished Tenochtitlán. Cortés success inspired Pizarro. Pizarro
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