Compare And Contrast Plato And Aristotle's View Of Rhetoric

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How did the approach of Plato and Aristotle effectively change people's view on the rhetoric? Rhetoric means the study of principles and rules of composition formulated by critics of ancient times. Aristotle viewed as persuasion and ___. Plato viewed as flattery and ___. With the study of the rhetoric, it had change people's view about the meaning of the speech or writing. Just as the context of the sentences but with more than the context, it contains meanings behind it. Aristotle's view of rhetoric is through an equation of dialectic plus rhetoric is persuasion. Aristotle is characterized as __ through the way of present rhetoric. For an instant, in page 178 "Rhetoric is the counterpart of dialect" Although rhetoric can be a subject…show more content…
Aristotle is characterized as __. In page 181 "In rhetoric, however, the term 'rhetorical' may describe either the speaker; knowledge of the art, or his moral purpose". In life, people will always speak the truth, but sometimes, people will follow their heart and does the opposite of what their moral wants them to do.
Plato criticized the sophists for using rhetoric as a mean of deceit instead of discovering truth. Plato is characterized as ___. In page 170 "if you have the power of uttering this word, you will have the physician your slave, and the trainer your slave, and the money-maker of whom you talk will be found to father treasures, not for himself, but for who are able to speak and to persuade the multitude". Plato criticized the usage of rhetoric; it was meant to find out the truth, instead used as flattery others for a favor.
Aristotle claimed that rhetoric is meant to be things that are true; Plato agreed that rhetoric is mean to discover truth. Plato and Aristotle's purpose was letting people know that although they have a different approach to finding out the truth but rhetoric exist for the truth. Rhetoric is an effective skill to discover the beauty of the language; it is not too shame it with persuasion and
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