Compare And Contrast Platos And Socrates's Speech

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Lysias and Socrates speeches In this essay, we will compare and contrast two different speeches on love in Plato’s Phaedrus. First speech and second speeches are both blaming love .The first speech by Lysias and second speech by Socrates. The definition of Love is the attraction, which contains sexual desire and the strong love felt by person who has a romantic relationship. There are two people who are Socrates talking to the young man who is Phaedrus. Also, both of them love speeches and like to listen to speeches. They are friendly and they know each other very well. The dialogue takes place in a nice place outside the wall of the city. The speech is generally about love and Socrates is famous in some of dialogue and he claims the only knowledge he has is knowledge of love. We human being are weak and vulnerable and we have short lives. We missing so many things…show more content…
He divided the soul in two parts. The first one is desire (Epithumia). The second one is opinion (Doxa). The first one is desire for pleasure and the second one is opinion for good or best. For example, when the gay want to have girlfriend, and they find a beautiful girl. He will say I will do everything foe you and he desires for the beauty of the girl. However, when he knows the attitude of the person, the boy’s opinion changes about the person. This is means that at the first time desire is works but after he knows the person’s attitude, the persons desire change to opinion. Therefore Socrates distributed good things in to three parts. The first part is good of beauty, second part is external good, and final part is good of the soul. Socrates believes that money is not the external goods but family and friends are the external goods. Courtesan that is one especially wealthy and gives pleasure and it is good for the body. He believed that the one who has good soul always make a choice with having good
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