Compare And Contrast Plymouth And Jamestown

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Two different colonies that started out on the land of America around the same time period, Plymouth, and Jamestown; they sailed to America for the same reason, freedom. Known as the Puritans, Plymouth came to America for the freedom of religion, and they did not want to associate themselves with the Church of England. Similar to the Puritans, the Jamestown colonists arrived in the New World in search for gold, silver and precious stones. During the arrival these colonists expected to receive many goods from the America in exchange of a small amount of labor. Although the colonies have a similar desire coming to America, each colony' perspective toward the New World differed. Plymouth colonists were a group of religious people, Jamestown colonists…show more content…
In Bradford’s literature, he primarily included his life experience as a Puritan and as well as the live in America. Bradford's literacy style was serious and informational. “Among those who died was John Carver, who had been chosen by the group upon their arrival as their first governor. As his successor the group chose Bradford.” (Johnston). According to Johnston, Bradford became a governor after John Carver passed away. “Bradford began writing Of Plymouth Plantation in 1630 ...” (Johnston). This statement showed that Bradford started to write his book in 1630. The book included stories of their voyage to America and many hardships the colony faced. “These chapters present a story of great difficulties and great determination, demonstrating the strength of character that later generations of Americans have wished to claim as their own.” (Johnston). Johnston stated the book, Of Plymouth Plantation, explained how much hardship the colony have faced, and how they are still determined to sail and settle in America. The Puritans were determined to fight for their religious freedom. William Bradford was well-known from this book because he wrote down the history of the Puritans and many situations they been
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