Compare And Contrast Poe And Stephen King

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Epic Rap Battles of History: two famous figures in history going head-to-head to show what they can do to prove they are the best. Authors Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe exemplified this by going head-to-head in an Epic Rap Battle of History. In this battle Poe and King made arguments in their favor and against one another to show their dominance in the world of literature. Some of the key points brought up are the topics of their family/lifestyles, writings, and their fame and fortune. While Stephen King is an excellent, skilled author, Edgar Allan Poe won the rap battle because of how his writing, fame, and life experiences have impacted literature. Family and life were influential factors in the startup of Edgar Allan Poe’s career as an…show more content…
Edgar Allan Poe is said to be one of the original authors of the Detective Story and a master of the Macabre (Gordon, Silverman, and Kellogg). Stephen king has cited Poe as one of his biggest inspirations in his writing. King grew up reading many of Poe’s short stories in his free time ("Comparison of the Live and Work of E. A. Poe and Stephen King"). Growing up, King had many night terrors and thoughts of monsters in his head. He used the inspiration and style of Poe’s work, plus the monsters he had created in his head to write his novels. He used writing as an escape from his thoughts and a way to get them down on paper to create something others would enjoy ("Comparison of the Live and Work of E. A. Poe and Stephen King"). King’s writing varies from the literature written by Edgar Allan Poe. King is said to be more “transparent in the writing he does, rather than Poe. ("Comparison of the Live and Work of E. A. Poe and Stephen King"). Poe is said to use much more figurative and flowery writing in his short stories. He uses a lot of figurative language when describing the setting of his writings. He also uses extensive detail to describe the thoughts and images he is seeing. An example of this was describing in great detail the gruesomeness of his character in the story, Tell-Tale Heart. King, however, is said to possess more gore and thrill in his writings. kIng writes more about mythical creatures and monsters than King. King took the inspiration for his stories from the thoughts he had and the nightmares he had as a child. One of the things that is said to have a big influence on King’s writing was his use of alcohol and drugs (Leafe). This contributed to the warped sense his tories gave off. Although King created many gruesome, horror novels, Poe had a leading role in the influence of his writings. Without the inspiration of Poe 's stories, King would not have been the author
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