Compare And Contrast Pol Pot And The Holocaust

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Our world is ultimately fallen and torture, abuse, and death is a common event. A genocide is a the intended annihilation of a vast group of people, especially those of a certain religion or country. Sadly, Cambodia knows and has experienced this term. On May 19, 1925, one of the cruelest leaders was born in Central Cambodia. This soon to be dictator of Cambodia was known as Pol Pot. At the age of 20, he traveled to France to study radio electronics, instead he became assimilated in Marxism. Later that year he was kicked out and sent back to Cambodia. When he returned in 1953, he joined an underground communist group that was formed due to the fact Cambodia had just been liberated by the French government. By 1962, Pol Pot had formed a communist party in Cambodia. He formed an army known as the Khmer Rouge or the Red Cambodians. When the United States bombed the Vietnam in Eastern Cambodia, instead hurting the Vitense the majority monarchy's troops were killed and he was replaced. On April 17, 1975, thirteen years after he claimed Cambodia his country, he had complete control. Under Pol Pot’s regime, he was cruel and ruthless to his people. Years before he became…show more content…
Both of these insane dictators annihilated millions of people, even their own people for unjustified reasons. The Holocaust eradicated over six million Jews and two-thirds of the population in Europe. Under Hitler’s rule, the Jews, and other minorities were tortured, dehumanized, starved, shot, gassed, and incinerated. Pol Pot’s people were tortured just as the Jews when he targeted and killed almost a half-million Chinese for no reason. In the Holocaust, many Jews died just from the walk from one concentration camp to another. Pot did the same to his people taking them on a similar “ “walk of death.” The only main difference was Hitler attacked the Jews and other minorities, but Pol Pot killed his people and everyone else in the
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